HIT - KS (V) Zero-joint edgebanding machine for moldet parts
with / without vacuum

Small-scale system for applying and gluing any commercially available "laser edge" (co-extruded, post-coated) for the production of a zero joint. It can perfectly straight, oblique, curved and round plate materials and moldings are processed. Inclined cutted edges of up to 55 ° are very easy. Old-class pre-coated EVA hot melt adhesive edges can also be processed without difficulty.






The associated 360 ° ball rollers ensure variable positioning for molded parts and closed contours. The inclieable table allows a pneumatic angle adjustment for applying edges on inclined cutted edges up to 55 ° for smaller workpieces. On larger workpieces, inclined cutting surfaces can be approached on a mobile basis.

Special features:

The world's first mobile device for zero joints without additional peripherals: the zero-joint aggregate can be removed and can therefore be used on a mobile device.

Optimal e.g. for larger moldings as well as for use on the construction site. For this purpose, a systainer with additional supply cable for electricity and compressed air is included in the scope of delivery.

  • High process reliability and lower follow-up costs (coating on the edge is always sufficient and the bonding is always constant, no glue change required = almost no set-up costs, no burning of the glue, no glue residue on the workpiece)
  • higher heat resistance and water resistance
  • jointless look of one piece; permanently seamless
  • Easy approach of a "laser edge" to a workpiece
  • Even beveled edges up to 55 ° are no problem for the angle table
  • Easy adjustment of the angle for approaching beveled edges
  • Locking of the angle adjustment for the most common bevelled edges as well as freely adjustable angle possible

Technical description:

  • For bevelled edges up to 55 ° inclination (also mobile), as well as molded parts
  • Max. Edge height 65 mm, max. Edge thickness 3 mm
  • Infinitely variable feed rate from 1 to 5.5 m / min.
  • Infinitely adjustable hot air up to 520 ° C
  • Tabletop size approx. B700xT400mm, working height approx. 1000mm
  • With 42 plastic ball rollers for variable positioning
  • Pneumatic unlocking and damping of the angle adjustment
  • 4m connection cable, compressed air hose
  • 230 Volt AC, 3.05 kW, 13.3 A
  • Max. 10 bar air requirement
  • Heating up time: <30 seconds

Additionally in the "V" (vacuum) version (for optimal post-processing)

  • Vacuum injector for vacuum generation (suction power: -0.85 bar)
  • With a swiveling round vacuum plate (Ø160mm) for the reworking of workpieces incl. Push-button valve for shutdown if not used, incl. Vacuum indicator