NEU zum Jahreswechsel 2020/2021

Nullfuge goes CNC!

Zum Jahreswechsel können Sie erstmals die Heißlufttechnologie auch auf der CNC erhalten.

Für weitere Informationen treten Sie gerne mit uns in Kontakt.

Current new development and unique in the world:
Inner radius from 9mm!

An outstanding and unique new development for the small-scale system HIT-KS (V) is now available due to many requests:

The driven small pressure roller with a diameter of 15.7mm! Now it is possible to glue inner radii of 9mm with a 1mm thick edge. The drive ensures a constant feed when driving through small inner radii. The edge is neither compressed nor pulled out of the radius.

Thus, the "Kluge device" by far the smallest inner radii drive: The edge sets the limits.

Helpful is the driven small pressure roller even with rectangular interior cutouts.

Please ask for this newly available option!